Do you need an extra boost to your Church's Growth?

Do It Yourself

If you know what to do and don't need any help, then this coaching probably isn't for you.


Done-for-you services can be expensive (we're not too expensive for our done-for-you services), but sometimes Churches can't afford the done-for-you Marketing services.

Get Coaching

If the other two categories don't apply to you, then coaching is probably what you need. We're here to help you. The question is if group coaching or 1-on-1 is what you need.
If you need group coaching, go here.

Otherwise, read on.
We'll work with you weekly for 4 months on growing your Church through coaching (we'll supply you with what to do, and you'll get each task done).

Each month, we'll work on another part of your Church growth strategy, going through your website, ChMS, social media (accounts and advertising), and online Church reviews.

Sound Good?

Let's work on growing your Church. Schedule a time that's best for your free consultation, and we'll work on growing your Church if it's what you want to do.